A Day of Food and Fashion

An Epic Photo Diary of My Epic Monday


Hey all! Miss me? I was starting to seriously feel the bloggers guilt recently as I knew I owed you guys a post. Apologies for making you wait. I was thinking about what was keeping me so busy and realized that I’ve been juggling 5 jobs. Yes, I count this blog as one and today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of another. One of my gigs is as the social media manager for Kiwiana. A popular Park Slope eatery run by former Top Chef contestant Mark Simmons. (Note: I’m currently sitting in the restaurant as I type this, because… other job.) Hailing from New Zealand, the chef likes to remix popular American comfort food dishes with an upscale twist and kiwi flare. Needless to say, the food is incredible and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the growth of this establishment, and the many opportunities it’s led to. Case in point: Monday.



On the set of Good Day New York at the Fox 5 Studios. (Left to Right: Chef Katie Fauchs of The Thirsty Koala, hosts Greg and Rosanna, Chef Mark Simmons, me and Sous chef –and fellow fashion blogger–Sosthene)

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Brave the Cold and Look Cute Doing It!

SERIOUS WEATHER DIELMA: Baby, it’s really freaking cold outside. How to venture out into the slushy streets without looking like you’re channeling Randy in a Christmas Story?

SOLUTION: you don’t have to.


The awesome people at Uniqlo gifted me this shirt and honestly, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

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Ms Michonne In Style

The time is upon us! New York Comic Con here we come!

And while everyone else will be showing up to  NYCC with arms full of…well, comics; I will be breaking tradition –and being me– by showing up with… a fashion mag.

Yup, that’s right. “Why,” you ask? Why will I be showing up to a comic convention clutching the October issue of InStyle?

Two words: Danai Gurira a.k.a The Walking Dead‘s resident zombie slaying bad-ass: Michonne


This Valentino wool cape is a strong departure from her character’s.

I’ve never been much of an autograph person. Especially since more and more celebs are keepin’ it classy (not) and charging for them. However, much like classic headshots, the simplicity, and elegance of these images, along with expressions of sheer joy, beg her signature scrawled across them. Possibly with “XOXO”. Maybe even a red imprint of a kiss, as if receiving the work of a young starlet of old Hollywood, of whose fan club I was president.

See what I mean?

Absolutely stunning and chic on an almost profound level (I was left stunned, speechless and needing her autograph for goodness sake), I want to fill a wall with a framed set. This is Michonne like we’ve never seen her.  Sure, we’re used to seeing her in jeans, a wig and brandishing a katana. But make no mistake people, in designer duds, she’s a whole other level of bad-ass cool.


Burberry London Wool-cotton cropped jacket.
Jil Sander silk-polyester dress.
Christian Louboutin calfskin ankle boots.

Alexander Wang Polyester-cotton twill top.


Salvatore Ferragamo mohair turtleneck.
Michael Kors wool-blend pants.


Emporio Armani velvet neoprene gown.


Giambattista Valli wool coat worn over silk and mink coat.


Calvin Klein Collection wool belted blazer, silk satin pants, and calf-hair pumps.


The Row merino wool jumpsuit and cotton-blend skirt.
Prada leather ankle boots.

TREND ALERT: From Lunchbox to “Tin Tote”


“In France no one knew what a lunch box was because no one took their lunch to work. Mine was from Walt Disney and I wore it everywhere because I was obsessed with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There was a shop on Rue de Canettes in the 6th called Western House that imported everything from America, and I found my Disney pieces there.”




All this talk about the Carine Roitfeld (former editor of Vogue Paris from 2001-2011) editorial in V magazine’s fall 2013 issue, in which she styles model Dalianah after her 16 year old self, left everyone with pretty much the same conclusion: “Now I need a lunchbox.”

Low and behold, shortly after the editorial was published, I took a trip over to Atlantic City and found myself in whimsical candy and novelty shop on the boardwalk called “IT’SUGAR” . Not 10 seconds into browsing this cute shop by the sea did I spot the first of them.



It was love at first sight for me, and though I didn’t succumb to the impulse just then, they’ve recently opened a Coney Island location, so my bank card will be seeing more action very soon. Wonder Woman tin, I’m coming for you. Fortunately at only $18, you’re not exactly breaking the bank. Which is great, considering I may need more than one. SO many options!!!



This Hello Kitty tin is adorable and to the point: image

Check out the site for yourself, or better yet, find your local store to really get the full experience. GET UP AND GO to find more great “tin totes” to add to the bag collection, then ponder what to put in each.  Note: Not my fault if you end up buying all things in-store. It’s awesome and you’ve been warned.

Additionally, browse the eclectic collection of vintage lunch boxes over on Etsy.

CONSIDER: This might be a cute carry all for Comic Con Day 1. Before you get that MASSIVE WeLoveFine bag, that is. Which oddly enough you can then take back to IT’SUGAR and fill with their equally larger than life candy.

The ENDitorial: Karlie Kloss and Daft Punk

The ENDitorial: Karlie Kloss and Daft Punk, for Vogue, Aug 2013

photographed by Craig McDean

Evening looks go futuristic fancy / space-age sparkly in this stunning, widely talked about editorial for the August 2013 issue of VOGUE featuring supermodel Karlie Kloss, and world-renowned French robot duo, Daft Punk, who wear Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane throughout.

“Where to wear these out there outfits,” you wonder?

Worry not, as the editorial pairs Karlie’s looks with potential parties and events, for inspiration or early planning.

I dare say, I wouldn’t mind rocking these frocks come New York Comic-Con. Tres chic geek, no?

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

Here’s to a truly magical human being (…and a stylish one too!)

Put a Blazer on It!

Gentlemen! Dressing up has never been easier, faster, more affordable, or more comfortable. That’s right, there is NO excuse for showing up anywhere underdressed. Lose, the sweatshirt, destroy the CROCS (PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF COOKIES, DESTROY. THE. CROCS!), and … Continue reading

Happy Birthday Milla!

Happy Birthday to kickass glam geek idol: MILLA JOVOVICH

[on “Resident Evil”] We’ve got really infantile mentalities on this movie. We’re like: ‘It’s gross – cool! It’s disgusting – print it!’ You have to think like a fifteen -year-old. Wet dress. Zombies. Guns. Cool!”. – MJ

Editorial: The Total Lady Robots

The (fashionably late) “ENDitorial”

Glamour and The Geek Editorial: THE TOTAL LADY

Steve Klein for Vogue Italia





Ben Weller shoots Corina Ingenleuf for ELLE Magazine | SEPTEMBER 2012

(You werk that anime hair, gurl!)