23 TARDIS Blue Bags

In honor of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, here’s the first in a mini series of posts to help you ready your wardrobe for the 23rd

One of the hottest trends this season is one that is very near and dear to my heart. It’s not only geeky, but it’s been a dream of mine since this blog’s inception. It was even my original tagline. Before Fashion + Geekery was “for the fashion forward fan girl”– which it always has been– I launched this blog, “for the girl who’s set her sights on a TARDIS blue PRADA bag.” It’s an idea that symbolizes my ideal union between luxury and geek culture, and one that still embodies my personal brand.

Now, this idea has become a fully fledged must-have: the TARDIS blue bag.

(Note: thought the BBC may have their approved TARDIS pantone color, we know it’s gone through a few paint jobs over the years. )

Here are 23 pieces to set your sights on. (and sneak snacks into the theater with)

What’s your favorite?

WIN : #CapitolCoutureCollection


Hunger Games Catching Fire costume designer, the brilliant Trish Summerville, is launching a clothing line inspired by the franchise, aptly named Capitol Couture. Sounds like my kind of line! To promote the launch, Net-a-Porter, the high-end online retailer where the line will be made available, is holding a contest. You can win two tickets to the film’s world premiere AND a piece from the collection. Alternatively (and this is the better deal if you live stateside, trust.) if you can’t make the premiere you’ll be given £1000 (about $1,500) to spend on Net-a- Porter. See? Better deal!  (I say this, having read the fine print for you, knowing that you’d have to pay for travel and stay. Ouch.)

Want to win a piece of the Capitol? Get ready to pin!

ImageThe launch of Capitol Couture by Trish Summerville is drawing near. To celebrate we are giving away two tickets to ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ world premiere in London and a piece of your choice from the collection. To enter, create a Pinterest board inspired by the style of the Capitol, then tweet the link to your board to @NETAPORTER on Twitter. Simply name your board #CapitolCoutureCollection and use the same hashtag for all of your pins.

If you are unable to make the premiere in London you will receive a conciliatory prize of £1000 store credit to spend at NET-A-PORTER.

You only have today to do it. So get to pinning!


Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe

Happy Birthday Daniel Radcliffe!

Here’s to a truly magical human being (…and a stylish one too!)

GEEK CHIC BEAUTY: Marvel vs Miu Miu


It’s ultimate geek chic beauty! Whether you’re attending a screening, a con, a nerdy burlesque show—be ye guest or performer—or just planning your next Halloween costume, these looks below by Jangsara are simply Marvelous (see what I did there?) runway-ready must tries. At the very least, they are top-notch works of film-inspired art, you must see to believe. Note: you will need to set aside a bit of time, so plan ahead. View her website for product details and step-by-step tutorials.

Now, you know I can’t stop there. It wouldn’t be a F+G post without a little runway comparison. Especially seeing as the eye-makeup on the runways this season was truly out there and inspired. From the crystal encrusted eyebrows at the Chanel show that I showed you previously, to the wild, superheroine chic, greasepainted peepers of Miuccia Prada’s models at both the Prada and Miu Miu shows (top), runway beauty this season, boasted a near cinematic display of show-stopping and fanciful faces. And one can seldom speak of makeup marvels (don’t look at me that way), without mentioning the real-life superhero of beauty: the prolific Pat McGrath.

The Brit born, global creative-design director for Proctor and Gamble, head of Max Factor and Cover Girl cosmetics among others, has evolved the world of make-up artistry. The photoset featured above, highlights the looks she created this season for both of Ms. Prada’s shows. The models at Miu Miu, specifically, donned pant suits with psychedelic, clashing prints, reminiscent of early comic pages inked by the likes of Terry Austin (see comparison below) or Dan Adkins


Some of the blazers, oversized and even capelike. These women were high-end heroines, ready to take flight, made-up to perfection by the team under master Mcgrath.

A “best of” photoset of McGrath’s most “action packed”, avant-garde looks to follow…

Here’s to showing off your new make-up know-how out there.

Oh! And don’t forget the nails. 😉

Spiderman nail polish by OPI

A Geek Chic Shopping Guide by HP

We interrupt this regular blog to bring you, “Geek Chic with HP.” I’m a diehard Mac girl, myself, but the pieces HP put together for this set are just soooo meeee (read: I may have to reblog myself, and I just don’t care). Plenty of designer and affordable must-haves = must-post! Here you are, fellow chic geeks, hope you love these pieces as much as I do!


Take a look at this series of Game of Thrones inspired tees, via Redbubble!

The first few are obvious fandom, the next group, much more, “is my geek showing?” subtle, and the last set combines fandoms for tees that are quite possibly too geeky for their own good!

(BTW: What makes redbubble so awesome, is that it’s a hugely supportive community for the creative. Check out all the GoT shirts you’ve just seen and more on their site: RedBubble.com)

Whichever you choose, pair it simply with a loose pant, or flowing skirt and your favorite wedge.

Check out the guide below for inspiration.

Geek up your Chic: Game of Thrones
by StephanieIrigoyen
Grr, Argh!