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Political risk: How uncertainty effect exchange rates.

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As an example of political unrest, we have Venezuela been talking about nationalizing certain assets and later also done that. In such situations, investors are forced to sell their assets, way below market prices. The one only only allowed buyer will be the state. In such situations, many investors escape, thus reducing the demand of the currency and weaken the country’s exchange rate.

We ended up having some Litecoin, which we transferred to Bittrex , in order to continue our journey in the world of altcoins. Additionally, we left some Ethereum, which we sent to a newly created wallet at MyEtherWallet – a wallet, which allows users to control their private keys. All of these blockchain transactions, which are external to Bitstamp happened in minutes. We are yet to test the speed of bank transfer withdrawals, from this exchange.

Logic, however, suggests that using good reward to risk ratios is a good idea. The advice to use reward-risk ratios above one appears in every trading book ever written for a good reason.

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