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difference dif·fer·ence (dĭf'ər-əns, dĭf'rəns)
The magnitude or degree by which one quantity differs from another of the same kind.

The words centre and gravity are derived from the Latin (or Greek) words “centrum” and “gravitatio”. The centre (centroid) represents the centre of mass that is in the cross-section of the diagonals of the body, and gravity – the weight, the attractive force between particles in the universe under which the celestial bodies move. What […]

It depends on if you did your own hair or not, if you did your own hair at the hairdressers that it would be (A) but if you got your hair done by someone else it would be (B)

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As On Freund notes, it's different for a C++ object, since operator++() is a function and the compiler can't know to optimize away the creation of a temporary object to hold the intermediate value.

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Both "What is the difference between X and Y?" and "What are the differences between X and Y?" are grammatical and will be understood.