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distribute was a fork of setuptools that was merged back into setuptools (in ), thereby making setuptools the primary choice for Python packaging.

tensorflow-model-server : Fully optimized server that uses some platform specific compiler optimizations like SSE4 and AVX instructions. This should be the preferred option for most users, but may not work on some older machines.

As of , pip installs dependencies before their dependents, . in "topological order". This is the only commitment pip currently makes related to order. While it may be coincidentally true that pip will install things in the order of the install arguments or in the order of the items in a requirements file, this is not a promise.

Lifetime license: For only $299 $149 you can have a lifetime licence to use the system. There are NO monthly payments.

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Deprecated since version : pyvenv was the recommended tool for creating virtual environments for Python and , and is deprecated in Python .

If you are trying to install it on a windows machine you need to have a 64-bit version of python . This is the only way to actually install it. From the website :

Users on Linux can install packages from repositories provided by the distributions. These installations will be system-wide, and may have older package versions than those available using pip.

You can also define the environment variable KERAS_BACKEND and this will override what is defined in your config file :

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I honestly don't know when .pth files were added to Python but I have a theory: I think they were added to make it possible to migrate from modules to packages. At least that would explain why PIL was distributed the way it was. PIL for a long time (and probably still is) was putting a folder called PIL into site packages. However as everybody that worked with PIL knows, you're not importing from the PIL package, you're importing the PIL modules directly. The reason this works is because PIL places a file called in the site-packages folder.

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