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What are typical maintenance fees as a percentage of up.

There is also a fee that is charged to compensate the salesperson who sold you the trust fund, which is called a load. The cost of loads at the time of purchase is 5%. You may also be required to pay a deferred sales charge if you sell the fund within a particular time frame. The charge is usually 6%, and it decreases to 0% by the seventh year. If you do not sell the fund within the seven years, you do not pay the fee.

The UFOC will let you know what these costs and fees are. The other question about whether these costs are reasonable is more difficult to answer, because it involves a perception of value. The secret to answering this question is to focus on the global picture of the opportunity from your perspective rather than the details of any specific fee or cost.

Roth IRAs with no annual maintenance fees are pretty common. For those companies that do charge a fee, typical Roth IRA custodial fees range from $10 to $50 per year.

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There are plenty of CPAs who will provide you with a price per tax return and have an hourly rate for phone calls/meetings. In my experience, clients tend to not want to call and be billed by the hour, however they need to touch base several time throughout the year with their CPA, hence the development of my model :)

They can get away with such inflexibility because they know there'll always be plenty of property sellers that (because they don't have the information you now have) will accept their fee levels and contract terms without question.

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3. The third closing cost is daily interest. This is the same as the daily interest added to the unpaid principle balance to arrive at the payoff figure, as previously mentioned. For example, if the loan is closing and funding on the 20th of the month, 10 days’ worth of daily interest will need to be added into the loan to cover the full 30 days of the month. This figure is usually only a few hundred dollars.

The last column in the chart shows how much would be lost to fees over the course of 30 years.  An investor who paid 2% in fees each year would give up more than $178,000 over 30 years, almost as much money as the $180,000 deposited in the account during that time.

The home seller typically pays the commission fee & thus should factor it into their asking price. In some hot markets buyers may agree to pay some portion of the commission.