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If you just listen to these people and put your money on the line, you are extremely likely to lose it. Most of these shills are either fake accounts, paid promoters or members of pump and dump groups, who are creating fake hype to promote FOMO (fear of missing out) and getting more people to buy what they are selling.

The Problem is Knowing what's Low and what's High.
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Get free strategies and tips for intraday trading in Indian share market & learn how to make profit through day trading online at Angel Broking.

(RightLine) -- When it comes to trading stocks online, it's not about how hard you work. It's about knowing exactly what to do, and putting that knowledge to work.

Here are ten simple rules for online trading success ...

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So don't think you have a 50% chance of making a profit when you buy a call or a put option. It's more like 33%. That's because if stock price movements are random you will find that 1/3 of the time the stock price goes down, 1/3 of the time the stock price goes up, and 1/3 of the time the stock price remain flat or stays almost unchanged. In fact, when you are long a call or put option, time is your worst enemy. Each day that goes by your option is losing value since the chance that the stock price will move in the direction you want it to move is diminishing.

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Stop loss is a trigger that is used to automatically sell the shares if the price falls below a specified limit. This is beneficial in limiting the potential loss for investors due to the fall in the stock prices. For investors who have used short-selling, stop loss reduces loss in case the price rises beyond their expectations. This intraday trading strategy ensures emotions are eliminated from your decision.

So by using our system for your precision entries into your trades and then by following and adhering to these rules of cutting losses short you will have the ultimate trading system you can have to trade the Emini S&P market on a daily basis and make a tremendous amount of money, it's not rocket science and really isn't very difficult at all to do. Advanced traders will pick this up in one day, beginner traders will pick this up in a few days.

A good stock market service will be able to guide you with its winning stock tips and also in majority of the cases offer portfolio management too. And if everything goes as predicted, then the stock picks will definitely reap profits for you.