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360° Fair Trade Conference and Expo

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I wanted to formally thank you for such an amazing job in such a short notice with the BK Convention. Your passion and professionalism once again came to live...We not only received comments from PepsiCo Brasil, Guatemala, Mexico, and other countries but also from the direct competitors that were on site. So, kudos to you all!!! Hoping to work with you once again.

Christoph Stoppok
Head of an Area Components, Mobility & Systems
ZVEI – Zentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektroindustrie .

In addition, with free-movement a critical and divisive focus of the BREXIT negotiations, as well as a new administration in the White House, this year’s event promises to be more topical and relevant than ever before. Therefore, with rapid globalisation impacting every continent, added pressures to borders around the world need addressing and SMi’s 11th Annual Border Security 2018 will bring together leading representatives of industry and government to discuss the political and technological solutions being utilised to secure national borders.

Established in 1975, Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) is the world's largest cruise industry trade association, providing a unified voice and leading authority of the global cruise community. CLIA supports policies and practices that foster a safe, secure, healthy and sustainable cruise ship environment and is dedicated to promote the cruise travel experience. CLIA helps its members succeed by advocating, educating and promoting for the common interests of the cruise community. For more information on CLIA, click here .

If you are planning to import or export goods to or from the US, contact us for superior customs clearance services. We are experienced with all aspects of US import procedures, and we have the resources to provide you with all the information you need to ensure a seamless transaction.

“I’m like everybody else, looking at this place in amazement,” says Murphy, who leads the team of ironworkers that has pieced together the skeleton of this skyscraper. “This is going to define New York.”

TV is great for reaching a broad audience. Often times however, we suggest companies target a more refined audience. Reaching and influencing analysts, money managers and key decision makers is no easy task. Whether it’s the Wall Street Journal or Barron’s, we want our clients to be in front of investors when they are ready to buy.

To compensate for the 11,000 lb additional weight burden of these elements, improvements to the vehicles’ powertrain, marine drive train, and suspension were also necessary. However, despite these, the AAV7A2 has a reduced capacity on soft soil and can carry one less dismount compared with the original AAV7. The two variants share the same capacity to operate at sea and the same weapons.

The 360° Fair Trade Conference and Expo is hosted by the Fair Trade Federation . For more information about FTF & the annual conference, contact us at [email protected]