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While a remote control for your vacuum simply transforms the manual task into a vicarious one, it certainly has its benefits that even non-control freaks will appreciate. After meals or when a pet (or run-of-the-mill human) tracks dirt into a space, you can simply summon your Eufy and use the basic multi-directional keypad to spot clean an area without unnecessarily cleaning an entire room. Similarly, if your Robovac is about to potentially snag a cable, toy, or is simply confused under the kitchen table, you can quickly nudge the little fella in the right direction with the push of a button. Priced under $250 and loaded with useful settings, this droid is our overall pick.

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Unlike stick and conventional canister models, such as Hoover Air Cordless, robot vacuums are famous for being intelligent and autonomous. Tested vacuums are equipped with such extra features as sensors, lasers, Wi-Fi and motherboards to navigate around the house without any assistance. With only several minor exceptions, you won’t need to interact with this equipment at all.

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Specifically designed to fit under most furniture, beds and kickboards ~2 hours   Samsung POWERbot R9000

Hello everyone! I am Greg Kettler, a developer in one of the leading manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners. Read More…

The latter don’t do a far superior job of cleaning and are likely to cost hundreds of dollars extra, but they’re certainly much cooler. For those who will only settle for a top-of-the-line model, we’ll check out one of these “super” models in our listing of the top 5 best robot vacuums.

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