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Although Leonardo was recognized in his own time as a great artist, his restless researches into anatomy, the nature of flight, and the structure of plant and animal life left him little time to paint. His fame rests on a few completed works; among them are the Mona Lisa (1503–05; Louvre ), The Virgin of the Rocks ( c. 1485; Louvre), and the sadly deteriorated fresco The Last Supper (1495–98; Santa Maria delle Grazie, Milan).

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According to McIver, environment has both its physical and social aspects. A section of the physical environment remains uncontrolled by him, while another part he modifies to his advantages. He improves the soil that he cultivates, domesticates the animal that he uses, and makes tools and equipments suiting his knowledge and technical skill.

ADVERTISEMENTS: Meaning and Concept of Social Environment: True it is that man lives in particular geographical conditions and that he has for his society ...

American Anthropological Association (AAA) - the major professional association for anthropologists in the United States.

The Philosophy of Right constitutes, along with Hegel's Philosophy of History, the penultimate section of his Encyclopedia , the section on Objective Spirit, which deals with the human world and its array of social rules and institutions, including the moral, legal, religious, economic, and political as well as marriage, the family, social classes, and other forms of human organization. The German word Recht is often translated as 'law', however, Hegel clearly intends the term to have a broader meaning that captures what we might call the good or just society, one that is "rightful" in its structure, composition, and practices.

Change is an ever-present phenomenon. It is the law of nature. Society is not at all a static phenomenon, but it is a dynamic entity. It is an ongoing process. The social structure is subject to incessant changes. Individuals may strive for stability, yet the fact remains that society is an every changing phenomenon; growing, decaying, renewing and accommodating itself to changing conditions.

Attitudes , orientations, or behaviors which take the interests, intentions, or needs of other people into account (in contrast to anti-social behaviour) has played some role in defining the idea or the principle. For instance terms like social realism, social justice, social constructivism , social psychology, social anarchism and social capital imply that there is some social process involved or considered, a process that is not there in regular, "non-social" realism, justice, constructivism, psychology, anarchism, or capital.

Slavery under Islamic regimes, however, differed from Roman slavery in certain ways. First, it was not a central feature in agricultural production, as slavery had been to the Italian peninsula; most slaves held by Muslims were employed in domestic service. Second, the great majority of slaves in early Islamic states were women and children — male prisoners of war who resisted were more likely killed than enslaved. However, male slaves came to be used by the thousands as soldiers and administrators in later empires, like those of the Mamluks of Egypt and of the Ottomans.

Contrary is important to understand that international trade is not only affected by resource curse, it can also impact resource curse in a positive way and be one of the crucial factors that can lead a state’s development. However the general impact that international trade has on armed conflicts through resource course is clear and clarifies and explains the relationship between armed conflict and underdevelopment. The direct and indirect linkages can for example be seen in terms of income inequality and insecurity, which can generate a national discontent which in the end can lead to armed conflict.

Man is a social animal. It is difficult for him to live in isolation. They always live in groups. As members of these groups they act in a certain manner. Their behaviour is mutually affected. This interaction or mutual activity is the essence of social life. Social life is not possible without interactions.

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