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Unlike other stock games, NationalSMS includes a huge Learning Center for students, with hundreds of glossary terms, articles, videos, and more to help students understand the stock market and investing.

Diversity: While trading, diversity allows you to keep the risk low. Social trading allows users to spread the investments across the various assets, markets, and traders.
Simplicity: Social trading offered for online trading assets is very easy and instinctive feature which is accessible for experienced and new users.
Reliability: Since social trading operates under very strict rules and regulations, the social trading network by eToro is trusted by millions of users worldwide.
Transparency: Social trading offer transparency by exposing every trader’s risk score, portfolio, and previous track record to help all the users make wise decisions while copying.

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Todd Gordon is a trader who knows the Elliott Wave Principle cold: See how he turned an Elliott wave setup into a successful trade.

By choosing the Social Stock Exchange, you can connect with likeminded businesses, advisers and investors to achieve an impact that can really make a difference. Our members cover business sectors that range from social, to environmental, to health and to housing – all doing great things in a new way.

The Master League where you can trade stocks, debt instruments, derivatives, currencies and IRF's listed on Stock Exchanges in India.

SwipeStox is the go-to social trading app for stocks , forex, and indices. Join the social trading revolution today and let’s beat the markets together.

Here are nine of the most popular stock trading social networks and social bookmarking sites that have investors and traders in mind. (And please let me know if I missed any! Add them to the comment section.)