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ADVERTISEMENT “It is clear that many promoters of ICOs and others participating in the cryptocurrency-related investment markets are not following these laws,” the SEC said in its statement.

Shares had surged to a price of $575 before the SEC suspended trading. A 10-1 split would have increased the number of total shares by a factor of ten and lowered the price to $. So the value of the company would not have changed.

The Securities and Exchange Commission filed the suit in federal district court in Manhattan and said the traders’ identities is unknown. The lawsuit seeks an order that would force Credit Suisse, which processed the trades through an account in Zurich, to disclose the traders’ names.

In a September 1998 speech titled "Insider Trading – A US Perspective" by Thomas Newkirk and Melissa Robertson of the SEC's Division of Enforcement , Newkirk and Robertson pointed out that insider trading is a very difficult crime to prove. They noted that since direct evidence of insider trading is rare, evidence is almost completely circumstantial.

Quarterly and semiannual reports from public companies are crucial for investors to make sound decisions when investing in the capital markets. Unlike banking , investment in the capital markets is not guaranteed by the federal government. The potential for big gains needs to be weighed against that of sizable losses. Mandatory disclosure of financial and other information about the issuer and the security itself gives private individuals as well as large institutions the same basic facts about the public companies they invest in, thereby increasing public scrutiny while reducing insider trading and fraud .

The Crypto Company deals primarily in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Its primary services include consulting and advice to companies regarding investment and trading in the digital asset market, and investing in a manner that diversifies exposure to the growing class of digital assets.

The Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) warned investors Thursday that those firms and brokers who offer cryptocurrency investments are often breaking ...

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As of February 20, 2007, the staff of the Commission will send copies of a Commission Order of Suspension of Trading pursuant to Section 12(k) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934 solely to parties (the issuer), the Depository Trust Corporation, and National Securities Clearing Corporation.

Transfer agents record changes of ownership, maintain the issuer's security holder records, cancel and issue certificates, and distribute dividends. Because transfer agents stand between issuing companies and security holders, efficient transfer agent operations are critical to the successful completion of secondary trades. SEC rules and regulations are intended to facilitate the prompt and accurate clearance and settlement of securities transactions and that assure the safeguarding of securities and funds. Information about transfer agent registration, inspections, and rules can be found here.

If you are calling from one of the sources listed below, or have questions about the issues listed below, please refer to these contacts for assistance from other offices in the SEC.

If your brokerage account has a high volume of trade activity, your brokerage firm may contact you and ask you to acknowledge the trading or to confirm that you are satisfied with how your broker is handling your account.  If you receive such notification, you should ask your broker to explain:

Day traders rapidly buy and sell stocks throughout the day in the hope that their stocks will continue climbing or falling in value for the seconds to minutes they own the stock, allowing them to lock in quick profits. Day trading is extremely risky and can result in substantial financial losses in a very short period of time. If you are a day trader, or are thinking about day trading, read our publication, Day Trading: Your Dollars at Risk . We also have warnings and tips about online trading and day trading. For more information on day trading and the related FINRA margin rules, please read the SEC staff’s investor bulletin “Margin Rules for Day Trading.”