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In June of this year, Quantum Design International moved its global headquarters to be closer to its manufacturing facilities thereby creating a new Quantum Design International campus. The new building (adding roughly 50,000 square feet of office, research and production space for a campus total of more than 100,000 square feet) allows QDI’s 200+ employees to be in the same location for the first time in more than 6 years. The move allows greater efficiency in development and manufacturing processes, as well as improving communication and team-building between departments. You can find our new corporate address on the Locations page .

We give below the list of Mutual Funds in India alongwith the link to their websites.   In India Mutual Funds work like a trust and are legally called 'Asset Management companies'.  Each of such Mutual Fund (or Asset Management company) launches various Mutual Fund Schemes with different objectives.

In July 2011, to avoid having to register with the SEC [4] and comply with reporting requirements under the Dodd-Frank reform act , the Quantum Fund announced they would be turning the fund into a family investment group and returning all outside money to investors by the end of 2011. This decision contrasted with Soros’ previous advocacy for government and corporate transparency. [5] The fund is now exclusively managing Soros' family money. [6]

Quantum Mutual Fund is India's first dedicated, direct-to-investor mutual fund.
Quantum Mutual Fund offers simple and easy-to-understand products.

The Fund’s investment strategy is to invest in the REIT Interests and the REIT will in turn, invest in USA residential REIT’s investment strategy will be to invest in residential property in selected USA cities, (known as the Preferred Cities ), which the RE believes offer an attractive investment opportunity created by:

The Private Equity business focuses on identifying opportunities for our sector specific funds in Africa maximising value and returns for our investors, whilst also driving sustainable growth in sectors and regions in which we operate.

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