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Note : Note that fread() reads from the current position of the file pointer. Use ftell() to find the current position of the pointer and rewind() to rewind the pointer position.

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The increments I get are as follows, after first write - 44 bytes, after 2nd - 52 bytes, 3rd - 52 bytes, 4th 44 bytes, 5th - 52 bytes, 6th - 52 bytes, 7th - 44 bytes and it appears to maintain this pattern going forward.

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SQL Server Binary and Large-Value Data
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A representaion of a part (or range) in a binary. Start is a zero-based offset into a binary() and Length is the length of that part. As input to functions in this module, a reverse part specification is allowed, constructed with a negative Length , so that the part of the binary begins at Start + Length and is - Length long. This is useful for referencing the last N bytes of a binary as {size(Binary), -N} . The functions in this module always return part() s with positive Length .

This key contains a REG-BINARY value that appears to control both the size and position of the default IE window. The values do not appear to be documented, but you should be able to use existing values from your registry.

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