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You may use one or use all 3. However, if you are new to trading, I recommend that you start with a just one type of formation, understand and master it thoroughly before moving on to the next formation. Let me assure you, even if you master just one, you will be reaping consistent profits from it.

The advanced ADX correlation binary options strategy is based on the advanced ADX indicator. This indicator functions like an oscillator and is able to detect oversold and overbought conditions. It can also be used to trade divergences. The strategy described today is a combination strategy using the advanced ADX indicator and the afl_ indicator. Chart Setup [...]

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You then need to draw a horizontal line represented the low of the Mother Candlestick, which again is illustrated on the chart above. You must then wait until a candlestick closes beneath this line. You must exert patience at this point because a number of candlesticks may be generated before this event happens. Once you detect a close beneath the horizontal line, as demonstrated by the above diagram, you should then open a new PUT binary option.

If a pin bar does not quite do this, it can still be okay, but be assured that the very best ones will close in the manner just described.  And always remember, trading only the best pin bars will offer you the highest probability of trading success.

The Inside Bar strategy can be modified to include the use of oscillators that indicate overbought and oversold conditions in the market. The Stochastics oscillator is one such indicator and can help filter the fakeouts produced by the inside bar.

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EURUSD – Up Technical Observation: After the NFP news release yesterday, Eur declined significantly in price and is still showing signs of falling even further. This week, I expect a general decline in price towards or even a breakout to continu…The post Technical Analysis Based on Breakout – Bearish pin bar appeared first on Forex news – Binary options.