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Options indicators

The Top Technical Indicators For Options Trading.

Free Trading Systems and Indicators for Forex and Binary.

Technical indicators suitable for binary options trading should incorporate the above factors. One can take a binary option position based on spotting continued momentum or trend reversal patterns. Let’s look at some of the popular binary option technical indicators:

Especially if you are a novice trader, we'd like to suggest you two most popular and widely used indicators to start planning your trades with.
These are: Moving Averages and Stochastic indicator .

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Since options are decaying assets (see time decay of options ), the holding period takes significance for options trading. A stock trader has the liberty to hold the position indefinitely or even convert the short term margin leveraged position into a cash based holding. But an option trader is constrained by the limited duration due to the option expiry date where there is no choice to hold an option position indefinitely. It hence becomes important to select the correct trading strategies taking into consideration the timing factor.

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For example, from November 20, 2008, through May 29, 2009, the closing value of ICJ ranged from a low of on November 21, 2008, to a high of on March 20, 2009. During the same time period, the Cboe Volatility Index (VIX) declined significantly from a record-high close of on November 20, 2008 to around 40 in mid-March and 29 at the end of May. Conversely, ICJ remained relatively high with a closing value of recorded on June 30, 2009, possibly signaling an expectation that equity prices would continue to move together.

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