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Options 101

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Introduction to Options Trading: How to Get Started.

Trim levels further identify a vehicle by a particular set of special features. Higher trim levels either will add to the features of the entry-level model (often called the "base" model) or replace them with something else. Trim levels are where you'll come across terms such as EX, LTZ, Touring and Grand Touring, among countless others. On Edmunds, you might also encounter the word "style."

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Asked daily if he could mentor, Steve realized that there weren’t enough hours in the day to give everyone the attention they deserved, so the eCourses and books were developed to help traders survive and thrive in the markets.

The chart to the right outlines an example of the cost savings and value of senior living for a resident in a one bedroom apartment.

While vesting periods for stock options are usually time-based , they can also be based on the achievement of specified goals, whether in corporate performance or employee performance (see the FAQ on performance-based stock options ).

The transit day passes are available starting June 1 at our Customer Service Centres, 7-Eleven, Mac’s and Safeway stores. To validate the pass, scratch the day you are travelling prior to boarding a CTrain or bus.

The thing to remember about expiry times is that they are adaptable only up until you commit to the trade. Once the trade is locked in, you must sit back and wait. This is different from other types of trading where you can sell off your purchased shares at any time you want, but it is a fact of options trading that you cannot get around. Some brokers will allow you to sell off your trade for a small refund , but this is a rare scenario that you shouldn’t worry about until you become an advanced trader . Instead, it’s far more important to spend time researching trades beforehand.

These sites are a good place to start, but don't stop there. Shipping vendors also have representatives who will meet with business owners to review their needs and explain options. "Arrange meetings with the reps and find out just what options are available. There may be things you didn't know about that will work well for your business," suggests Ramon Ray, founder of , a business and technology consulting firm in New York City.

After analyzing a specific asset, oil for example, you believe the price of oil will be above $45 within an allotted time frame. Of course, your understanding is based on a thorough analysis of the price of oil. If you think the price of oil will go up, you purchase a CALL option. If you think the price of oil will go down, you buy a PUT option.

Based on your answers, the broker assigns you an initial trading level (typically 1 to 4, though a fifth level is becoming more common) that is your key to placing certain types of options trades.

The company's approach is simple. Options University combines unparalleled expertise with a commitment to providing investors a 360-degree view of the options trade that avoids get rich quick promises and heavy sales pitches. Customers appreciate this 'no .' approach, but it is the proven strategies to trade options the right way that keeps them coming back.