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Consumer IOT Security – Controlling the Climate or Burning Down the House
We’ve been hearing concerns about the security of consumer IOT devices for years. While small, cloud connected devices have the potential to revolutionize everything from home automation to our personal health to how we care for our pets, there seem to be a never ending list of vulnerabilities associated with these devices. Some say we’re turning a corner and the sophistication of the products is increasing. Others say this is a never ending battle and as more devices go online, the less secure we get.

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The bill also makes changing gender identity on California birth certificates easier for transgender and non-binary people by no longer requiring a doctor to state the individual has undergone “clinical treatment” for a gender change.

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Last week I took a look at the mindset of what I called the “ ideological drone “.  If we now look at the mindset of the US national security establishment we will immediately notice that is is almost the exact same as the one of the ideological drone.  The biggest difference between them might be that the ideological drone assumes that his/her leaders are sane and most honest people, whereas those in the elites not only know that they are total hypocrites and liars, but they actually see this as a sign superiority: the drones believes in his/her ideology, but his rules believe in absolutely nothing.

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This is a big institution, with several branches and sometimes with complicated procedures. This means that things are not as straightforward as they are with, say, a SpotOption brand. I’ve had to spend a lot of time to understand all the structure and get all the information and this means they suck at user friendliness but don’t worry, it’s not a deal breaker.