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I don’t have a precise answer for you, but I will provide some reflections:
(1) If blood pressure is highly correlated with arterial stiffness, then maybe there is no need to adjust for blood pressure since they are essentially measuring the same thing.
(2) Assuming that blood pressure is a confounding factor that needs to be corrected for, how you do the correction depends on what you are trying to test (. there is a significant degradation in arterial stiffness as a patient undergoes more days of dialysis).
(3) There is a technique called Repeated Measures ANCOVA which may be appropriate for your needs. It is supported in SPSS.

If you want to calculate the two-tailed probability value of the Z-Test, this can be done by using the function, combined with the Excel Min function , as follows:

The ONE FMV is a nutritional test that includes select urine biomarkers to evaluate the functional need for antioxidants, B-vitamins, minerals, digestive support, and amino acids.

I am using one-sample t-test , however, I don’t have data on hypothetical mean from which to compare the sample mean. What can you suggest? Should I ...

The null hypothesis is the measurement that the analyst hopes to reject. The alternative hypothesis is the claim made by the manager that he performed better than the S&P 500 which had an annual return of %. If the outcome of the one-tailed test results in rejecting the null, the alternative hypothesis will be supported. On the other hand, if the outcome of the test fails to reject the null, the analyst may carry out further analysis and investigation into the portfolio manager’s claim.

If estimates of nuisance parameters are plugged in as discussed above, it is important to use estimates appropriate for the way the data were sampled . In the special case of Z -tests for the one or two sample location problem, the usual sample standard deviation is only appropriate if the data were collected as an independent sample.

Step 2: Write your alternate hypothesis . This is the one you’re testing. You think that there is a difference (that the mean sales increased), so:
H 1 : μ > $100.

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