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The favorite time frame for the Best Stochastic Trading Strategy is the 15-minute chart  because we have taken the time to backtest best Stochastic Trading Strategy and the 15-minute TF came over and over again . If you’re a day trader, this is the perfect strategy for you. The stochastic strategy evolved into being one of the best stochastic strategies because, despite the stochastic indicator being a very popular indicator among traders, they have been using it the wrong way. Our team at Trading Strategy interprets the charts and the indicators in an unorthodox way, but at the same time, it’s very productive.

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We have dedicated a lot of time to the studying of price action and you can see some evidence by studying some of the best pure chart patterns strategies here: Forex Strategy: How to Trade Bullish Flag Pattern , here: Simple Wedge Trading Strategy for Big Profits and here: Price Action Pin Bar Trading Strategy .

#3 Draw a line at the top and bottom of the candle. I have a script that does this for me in TOS. Basically you are bracketing the first five minute candle.

ChartSmart enables us to scan, sort, and classify thousands of companies in mere minutes and file our results for easy retrieval. Thank you for a great product. We wholeheartedly endorse and recommend ChartSmart."

The technical analyst is seeking to answer the question "how are other traders viewing this stock, and how will that effect the price in the immediate future".

Day trading or swing trading that is the question.  If you are an active trader, day trading and swing trading will feel like second cousins.  At th...

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Let’s look at a chart example of how a 5 minute chart really does not tell you much about the “bigger picture” of a market. Below, we see the 5 minute USDJPY chart, and from this data we really cannot tell if the overall trend is up or down, as the market appears to just be ebbing and flowing very quickly and without much underlying or consistent sentiment:

Core Short
Head and Shoulders
Oops Daily Buy
Reverse Head and Shoulders
Symmetrical Triangle
Trading Range
Wedge (See Pennant)

A Full Gap Down occurs when the opening price is less than yesterday's low. The chart for Amazon (AMZN) below shows both a full gap up on August 18 (green arrow) and a full gap down the next day (red arrow).

I am going to tell you guys something right now that you may not have thought about before…you only need 1 big winning trade a month to be a successful Forex trader. Yup, that’s correct, 1 big winning trade a month.

The 'Holy Grail' Of Forex Trading Strategies Is To Use The Daily Chart Timeframe. Let's face it, 95% of you reading this are probably not consistently ...