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The start point for the “driver” was an article I found in the Microsoft developer network: „Is That You? Writing Better Software for Cool USB Hardware” written by Scott Hanselman . ( http:///coding4fun/someassemblyrequired/isthatyou/ ). Scott’s software is based on the USBSharp Class .

I'm not sure whether you can then merge your modified copy back entirely in the repository without a working copy of the target - I've never needed to. If so then do that.

There are a few pairs we recommend avoiding in the setup guide. Automated updatesdon't get left behind because you're not up to date. When an update is available, you will be notified right inside your MT4 terminal and can update at the click of a button.

This unique book focuses on removing the guesswork from creating dynamic web pages with Oracle content, and it's only $.

Note that the variables are in scope in the enclosing block, so the subsequent line can use them. Most kinds of statements do not establish their own scope, so out variables declared in them are usually introduced into the enclosing scope.

I’m not sure how this is helping people (unless you are emailing all), but I’m having the charging slow issue….I think. I know it used to be faster. My phone is taking at least 5 hours to charge to full now on not fast, and you can’t even use it with the plug in until it is at least past 5%.

My next step was to start a full database backup ASAP. While the full database backup was running I kicked off transaction log backups every 5 minutes and they seemed to work fine. I changed the transaction log backup to its normal schedule. After the full backup was completed, I reviewed the sql log, drive space, transaction log size, open transactions and everything seemed fine. If it is a cluster, you could try failing back to the other node and see if that fixes the problem, which in my case was the need for a recompile. In a cluster, the storage is shared by the nodes, so there is no benefit from a storage point of view.