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Once you have a basic understanding of how to trade binary options, you can start to support your trading with a range of binary strategies.

I started my presentation by telling the class that I would teach them about something called binary numbers, but that first I would review the numbers they already know — decimal numbers (I took a moment to explain that this was not the same as “decimals”). The first thing we did was count the tape flags, and as we counted together I rearranged them into a line:

After analyzing a specific asset, oil for example, you believe the price of oil will be above $45 within an allotted time frame. Of course, your understanding is based on a thorough analysis of the price of oil. If you think the price of oil will go up, you purchase a CALL option. If you think the price of oil will go down, you buy a PUT option.

Because computers use the binary number system, powers of 2 play an important role. This is why everything in computers seems to come in 8s (2 to the 3rd power), 64s (2 to the 6th power), 128s (2 to the 7th power), and 256s (2 to the 8th power).

Unless you compile psycopg2 as a static library, or you install it from a self-contained wheel package, it will need the libpq library at runtime (usually distributed in a or file). psycopg2 relies on the host OS to find the library if the library is installed in a standard location there is usually no problem; if the library is in a non-standard location you will have to tell somehow Psycopg how to find it, which is OS-dependent (for instance setting a suitable LD_LIBRARY_PATH on Linux).

A dataset used for performance evaluation is called a test dataset. It should contain the correct labels (observed labels) for all data instances. These observed labels are used to compare with the predicted labels for performance evaluation after classification.