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Trivia: Did you know that the readership of Get Rich Slowly skews largely female? It’s true! Since I returned to the site in October, stats show that women outnumber men at the site by a significant margin.

 · The bottom 99 percent received a microscopic $80 increase in pay per person in 2010, after adjusting for inflation. The top 1 percent had an 11 ...

I am a music teacher I have my own music school for 21 yrs now but i did not grow. I am still in debt a lot of debt. How will i improve my business?

The second step for Leader Certification is to complete the Online Distance Learning program, PMA: A System of Self-Management. This course is interactive and delivered through a web browser. The course lasts 18 weeks in Spring and Fall or 10 weeks in Summer, and is taught by an expert in Dr. Hill’s work. Participation in class discussions helps solidify your understanding of the 17 Principles of Success.

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There are two forms of dietary iron: heme and nonheme. Heme iron is derived from hemoglobin. It is found in animal foods that originally contained hemoglobin, such as red meats, fish, and poultry (meat, poultry, and seafood contain both heme and non-heme iron). Your body absorbs the most iron from heme sources. Most nonheme iron is from plant sources.

To climb the corporate ladder to success, a guy agrees to coach the company's all girl soccer team with the help of his secret weapon: his fiancee's son.

My father was a serial entrepreneur and the primary breadwinner for the family. Occasionally his businesses did well. Mostly, they didn’t. But even when our family did have a decent income, Dad spent that money on boats and airplanes and computers. He didn’t save. Then when hard times came — and hard times always came — he had to sell those toys to put food on the table.

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