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How to copy traders

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Copy trades from verified live accounts or have others copy your trades and receive performance bonuses based on your success rate.

Please include your mailing address, phone number and if you are a Farmer/Rancher, Truck Driver, or Heavy Equipment Owner/Operator. Thank you.

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13. Avoid traders with 100% (or > 90%) winning ratio, this only means they leave every position open until it becomes profitable, eventually locking up and losing all your capital as they widen their stop levels

As a last step you need to configure the copying parameters. It is important to define the deposit amount that you allow to be used for signal trades, and to specify the spread value and the minimum deposit level at which copying should stop. Copying will start only after you specify all the required parameters.

If you’re not the Company’s client yet, you have to register register and choose "CopyFX" account type when opening a new account.

Once we get into the members area we are greeted by a man who does not have the same generous proportions that I was just starting to appreciate. If you’re looking for any text then you’re on the wrong website because it’s just these 2 videos and that’s all we have to go on. The second video is 27 minutes long and I’m slowly working my way through it.

It’s still not possible to easily view or download the full trading history, which unfortunately makes it difficult for us to properly evaluate these traders offline. However, we’ve been active on eToro for 5 years, so we managed to track some of the traders ourselves a bit more closely over that period.

If you want to trade multiple MT4 accounts it is obvious that you need to have several MT4 platforms installed on your computer . This is quite easy and the process is the same as the regular MT4 installation. The only difference is that you’ll need to set different installation destination folder for each of your MetaTrader platforms.