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The deal makes Karp, a native New Yorker, the latest 20-something tech tycoon, even though he was publicly opposed, even just last year, to selling the company he founded out of his mother's small Manhattan apartment in 2007.

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The crypto rush is perhaps the biggest wealth creation event in human history. Average people like you and I could have a chance to become millionaires or ...

And maybe, you could buy your own sports team so that you could hire the latest
players you fancy and fire the ones who just could not perform. That is what the likes
of Abramovich and Mark Cuban did.

Still, it's possible to become a billionaire -- perhaps if you start a very successful company. Activision Blizzard , for example, is buying King Digital Entertainment , maker of the Candy Crush game, for almost $6 billion. King Digital traces its roots back to just 2003. Great fortunes can be built in a relatively short time.

Frankly, as nice a city as it is, Singapore just isn’t for me. Great transport links. Lovely airport. Friendly people. Expensive, but that’s because of the minimal tax and ‘user pays’ system.

Popularly known as “Christo”, Mr. Wiese is the second richest person in his net worth is nearly more than the GDP of other poor African countries .  According to Forbes. He is the largest shareholder of retailing firm Shoprite and this makes him one of the richest people in South Africa. He did attend Stellenbosch University.  Once he was detained at an airport in London for carrying too much cash money with him. He carried around $1 million in cash, which was stuffed in a suit-case.

Birthday girl Kylie, who posed alongside mum Kris Jenner for the publication, added: "Launch day, I refreshed the page about a minute after we launched and everything was sold out. I thought there was a glitch at first."

Inventing is a tough career path to take. But if you've got the smarts to successfully create, patent , produce and market a product that people need (and thus, will buy in droves), you can build your future billionaire life on it. Successful inventions aren't necessarily complicated or high-tech items but can be improvements on existing items. For example, James Dyson invented a better vacuum cleaner, and Gianfranco Zaccai invented a better mop, the Swiffer.