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The power supply diagnostics continuously monitors its outputs and stability of the supply, in case a fault or unstable voltages due to brownouts, deteriorated components, or input supply issues, the power good signal is withdrawn. This causes the timer chip to reset the processor continuously and thereby turn off the computer operations. Once the power supply resumes its normal and stable output voltages, the power good signal is again regenerated and sent to the timer chip to restart the computer operation.

Note: There are plenty of ways to measure the bandwidth of your network but that type of measurement isn't the same as finding the signal strength. While the former can determine how much speed you're paying your ISP for, the latter (what's described below) is useful when determining both the functionality of the Wi-Fi hardware and also the range that an access point has throughout any given area.

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If the RSSI value returned in AT+CSQ is 99, then it indicates that device has not found any network. Then the device cannot establish a voice or data call.
It is better to check the signal strength before setting up voice or data call. With AT Command Tester, you can also send batch of AT commands,

“In AM synchronous demodulation, Why we don’t divide m(t)coswt by cos(wt)
instead of multiplying by cos(wt)?”