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The use of one of Dr. Martin Luther King’s speeches as a voice-over in the automotive manufacturer’s commercial during Sunday’s Super Bowl game

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So far, the Dow is down 2,241 from its peak on Jan. 26 , or about 8 percent. The S&P is down from 2,872 on Jan. 26 to 2,648, also about 8 percent. The Nasdaq is also down close to 8 percent over the same period. That leaves all three major indices about 2 percent away from a technical “correction.” It’s not time to freak out yet — though 1,000-plus down days are super scary — but it might be if the indices blow past 10 percent down and keep tanking.

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Due to the time between my grandmother's death and the date of the sale of the property there was a rise in value. There was a capital gain of £10,500 each on the stake owned by the grandchildren, which is below the annual allowance of £11,300. Do we still have to make a declaration to HMRC?