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The DISPLAYS CONTROL PANEL annunciation merely indicates that an EFIS control panel has failed. There is an additional, rather bizarre, attention getter because the altimeter will blank on the failed side, with an ALT flag, until the DISPLAYS – CONTROL PANEL switch is positioned to the good side. Note that this is not the same as the EFI switch on the -3/4/500’s which was used to switch symbol generators.

Precautions for Use When driving a 400 V general-purpose motor with an inverter using Driving a 400 V extremely long wires, damage to the insulation of the motor may occur. Use an output circuit filter (OFL) if necessary after checking with the motor general-purpose manufacturer.

The above list of functionality mostly covers the set of functionality provided by the mmap OS primitive. One significant exception is that mmap can allocate noncontiguous virtual address ranges. See the FAQ for rationale.

Specifies the name of the initial module to resolve and, if it isn’t specified by the module , then specifies the name of the mainclass to execute. Used only with the -m or --module option. See Standard Options for Java .

The FMC Act works to reform the regulation of financial conduct. It governs the way financial products are offered, promoted, issued and sold. This includes the on-going responsibilities of those who offer, issue, manage, supervise, deal in and trade financial products. The FMC Act also regulates the provision of certain financial services.

Precautions for Use When driving a 400V general-purpose motor with an inverter using extremely long cables, damage to the insulation of the motor may occur. Driving a 400V Use an output circuit filter (OFL) if necessary after checking with the general-purpose motor manufacturer.

AIVDM/AIVDO sentences are emitted by receivers for AIS, the marine Automatic Identification System. AIS transmitters are fitted to vessels, navigation markers, and certain types of shore station. They periodically squawk their position (and course, when applicable), using TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology similar to the way cellphones do to avoid mutual interference. AIS receivers make this data available for navigation, anti-collision systems, and other uses.

All English translation of the authentic German text is unofficial and serves merely information purposes. The official wording in German can be found at ...

What this does: --copt for bazel build passes an option directly to gcc for compiling C and C++ files (but not linking, so you need a different option for cross-file link-time-optimization)

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We strongly encourage these eligible investors, or family members of eligible investors, who still need to claim their money, to contact the Hanover distribution team at Deloitte. 

The approvals procedure for securities prospectuses will be conducted electronically by the FMA from 2018. Read more on Electronic Approval of Securities Prospectuses

- the advertising activity, carried out through the website by Mr Luca Stefanelli, relating to the offer to the public of shares promoted by Sky Way Invest Group, in accordance with art. 101, paragraph 4, letter a) of the Consolidated Law on Finance – TUF ( resolution n. 20274 of January 24, 2018 );