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Johann Hari: Everything you think you know about addiction.

Interactive Timeline: Everything We Know About Russia and.

The sharp drop in oil prices, from $66 a barrel in 1980 to $20 a barrel in 1986 (in 2000 prices) certainly was a heavy blow to Soviet finances. Still, adjusted for inflation, oil was more expensive in the world markets in 1985 than in 1972, and only one-third lower than throughout the 1970s. And at the same time, Soviet incomes increased more than 2 percent in 1985, and inflation-adjusted wages continued to rise in the next five years through 1990 at an average of over 7 percent.

The Cameron-led cabinet made substantial cuts to government spending in order to, in its words, “balance the books” and "cut the deficit". This took a lot longer than expected, and opponents criticised the human cost of government cuts.

Take a restroom break before the movie begins, as it will be the longest Star Wars film so far with a runtime of 2 hours, 30 minutes. (Pro tip: Just in case I have to go mid-film, I use the RunPee app on my phone, which recommends the best times to take a quick break). 

To accomplish that, the Commission created a direct link between the votes cast in primaries and caucuses and the delegates selected to attend the national convention. The results of the primaries and caucuses therefore bind convention delegates to particular candidates. At the convention, there is a roll call vote that formally nominates a presidential candidate.

Conclusion #1: Buying a new RV never makes FINANCIAL sense.  Ever.  You can expect to lose approximately 21% of the total purchase price of the RV the instant you drive it off the lot.  There are loads of exceptions to that which we’ll discuss later, but that’s the average.

Histamine is a chemical involved in your immune system, proper digestion, and your central nervous system. As a neurotransmitter, it communicates important messages from your body to your brain. It is also a component of stomach acid, which is what helps you break down food in your stomach.

One of the largest cyberattacks ever is currently eating the web, hitting PCs in countries and businesses around the world.

His parents, mother Samia Tabbal and father Ramadan Abedi, a security officer, are Libyan-born refugees who fled to the UK to escape Gaddafi. It is thought they returned in 2011 following Gaddafi’s overthrow.

The way it works is that once it infects a computer, it encrypts -- or basically scrambles -- all the data. Then the program puts up a screen demanding you pay money to get access back. Typically the price increases over time until the end of a countdown, when the files are destroyed.

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The Nintendo Switch launches on March 3 simultaneously in the US, Canada, Japan, "major European countries," Hong Kong, and other territories.

In many cases, running homebrew on your device is 100% free using just the Nintendo 3DS Sound app. There are also various other exploits in commercial games and the browser to get homebrew running.

The stomach is a muscular sac that is located on the left side of the abdominal cavity, just inferior to the diaphragm . In an average person, the stomach is about the size of their two fists placed next to each other. This major organ acts as a storage tank for food so that the body has time to digest large meals properly. The stomach also contains hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes that continue the digestion of food that began in the mouth.