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I’ve grown to hate the word, ‘Islamic,’ because of the way the ignorant racists are using it. Unless in the same paragraph as say, the ‘Christian Faith,’ I can’t see any reason to refer to Islam as, ‘the Islamic Faith.’ I prefer to call Islam, “Islam.”

Choose your shrimp or prawns based on what size you want and your recipe calls for, and whether they've been caught or raised in an environmentally responsible way.

The word "Sunni" in Arabic comes from a word meaning "one who follows the traditions of the Prophet." It is considered to the be the orthodox branch of Islam.

I’d consider myself as more of a developer (after reading this accurate depiction) with a rudimentary knowledge of a computer scientist.

The first two photos are be reversed with the black GE circuit breaker being the molded case CB and the white IEC circuit breaker is the miniature circuit breaker.

difference mid-14c., from . difference, from L. differentia, from differentem (nom. differens), prp. of differre "to set apart" (see differ). Sense of "a quarrel" first attested late 14c. Colloquial phrase what's the diff? first recorded 1896.

Agree much that iPad is not for multi-tasking, I actually prefer those Samsung tablets which can split window. It’s good that many Apple apps are tailor made for individual devices. On android, I found some times it works fine on my mobile and works badly on my old tablet.

No one would say that our body and soul are the same, but some people may consider our soul and spirit to be practically the same. However, 1 Thessalonians 5:23 tells us clearly that our spirit and soul are two distinct parts.

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A key difference between a psychopath and a sociopath is whether he has a conscience, the little voice inside that lets us know when we’re doing something wrong, says L. Michael Tompkins, EdD. He's a psychologist at the Sacramento County Mental Health Treatment Center.