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Note that with a binary semaphore, it is OK for B to take the semaphore and A to give it.
Again, a binary semaphore is NOT protecting a resource from access. The act of Giving and Taking a semaphore are fundamentally decoupled.
It typically makes little sense for the same task to so a give and a take on the same binary semaphore.

Given a a Binary Tree, find the difference between the sum of nodes at odd level and the sum of nodes at even level. Consider root as level 1, left and ...

Mitosis takes place in among sex cells (germ cells) as well. . spermatogonia to primary spermatocytes. It’s misleading to characterize mitosis as “a type of cell division that takes place among non-sex cells (somatic cells).”

This approach is provided by Mandeep Singh. For Iterative approach , simply traverse the tree level by level (level order traversal), store sum of node values in even no. level in evenSum and rest in variable oddSum and finally return the difference.

For values which are more artefacts of nature which can't really be measured exactly anyway, float / double are more appropriate. For example, scientific data would usually be represented in this form. Here, the original values won't be "decimally accurate" to start with, so it's not important for the expected results to maintain the "decimal accuracy". Floating binary point types are much faster to work with than decimals.

The words centre and gravity are derived from the Latin (or Greek) words “centrum” and “gravitatio”. The centre (centroid) represents the centre of mass that is in the cross-section of the diagonals of the body, and gravity – the weight, the attractive force between particles in the universe under which the celestial bodies move. What […]