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This market trades in a wide range of products which include precious metals (gold and silver), base metals (copper, aluminium, nickel, lead and zinc), energy (crude oil and natural gas), oilseeds (soybean, soy oil, mustard seeds, palm oil) and soft commodities (sugar, cotton) in an organized manner under a strong regulatory body.

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There are over 15 regional commodity exchanges in India. The leading regional exchange is the National Board of Trade (NBOT) located at Indore. With the setting up of three multi-commodity exchanges in the country, retail investors can now do commodity online trading without holding physical stocks! Karvy aims at creating opportunities in commodities investment by providing a simple and effective interface reflecting commodity market live streaming, commodity rates, research and knowledge.

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In comparison Gold Live! focuses on base and precious metal prices, offering a more comprehensive coverage than Bloomberg. In addition to gold/silver/platinum Gold Live! also includes palladium and rhodium. On base metals Gold Live! adds prices for nickel, aluminium, zinc, lead and uranium in addition to copper. All base and precious metals are live and auto-update. They do add in WTI crude prices but these are delayed by 20 minutes. Gold Live! offers charts for all commodities and technical charts for the main precious metals. The news service is split between gold, silver and base metals but the news seemed to be mixed up so wasn’t easy to follow.