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MQ Series ZO/S and Cobol Sample Program – Srinimf

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01  WS-OUTPUT-Q                 PIC X(48) VALUE ‘’.
01  OPO-OPTIONS                 PIC S9(9) BINARY.
01  OPO-Q-HANDLE                PIC S9(9) BINARY.

Candle closing time shows the time remaining till the candle closure and warns of the candle closure. Parameters Timeframe - candle timeframe Show hours - if true, the text label has the following look: hh:mi:ss, if false - mi:ss Font size - text label font size Font name - text label font name Color label - text label color Corner - corner for a text label X - horizontal distance from the corner to the text label Y - vertical distance from the corner to the text label Seconds sign

The simple tests that I applied below are taken from Scott Ambler's excellent little book The Elements of UML Style .

Index Pagis Folders........4–14 Creating a Pagis Folder...... 4–14 Removing Pagis Folder attributes ....4–14 Pagis Folders and Pagis Search Databases ..4–15 Working with Pagis Files in Windows™ ....4–15 About Pagis (XIF) files......4–16 Enhanced context menu ......4–18 Stacking documents......