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How to Make a Living From a 1.5 Acre Market Garden.

The Living Room Candidate

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Dan Hurley is working on a book about intelligence. His last article for the magazine was about a drug being tested to raise intelligence in people with Down syndrome.

There are millions of cell phones being sold on the secondhand phone market. This means that people just like you and I are selling their phones. As of today, there are a total of 176,316 cell phones listed for sale on eBay (September 26th). This is just one website and just one day, think about how many phones are being sold every month or every year all over the world.

From the research I’ve done, there’s not even any real consensus about what makes a “small farm”:

The Living Room Candidate contains more than 300 commercials, from every presidential election since 1952, when Madison Avenue advertising executive Rosser Reeves convinced Dwight Eisenhower that short ads played during such popular TV programs as I Love Lucy would reach more voters than any other form of advertising. This innovation had a permanent effect on the way presidential campaigns are run.

If you want to get even more from TED, like the ability to save talks to watch later,  sign up for a TED account now .

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National Geographic - In the past, many critics of the Book of Mormon have highlighted a lack of archaeological evidence as proof against this record's authenticity. How could the descriptions of dense and vast populations building interconnected cities, fortifications, and roads described in the Book of Mormon not leave more of an archaeologic footprint? The National Geographic's latest discovery demonstrates how such a discovery can go unnoticed for centuries. "A vast, interconnected network of ancient cities was home to millions more people than previously thought," the article begins. While the Church has made it clear we do not know where Book of Mormon events...