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Erlang -- erlang - Erlang Programming Language

Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format 1.0 (Second Edition)

This has led the industry to a place where it’s considered Best Practice to do things like spriting, data: inlining, domain sharding and concatenation. These hacks are indications of underlying problems in the protocol itself, and cause a number of problems on their own when used.

You can also define the environment variable KERAS_BACKEND and this will override what is defined in your config file :

Check the FontForge manual. You may need to follow a few specific steps which are not necessarily straightforward in order to save the extracted font data as a file which is re-usable.

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To refer to input files in options, you must use their indices (0-based). the first input file is 0 , the second is 1 , etc. Similarly, streams within a file are referred to by their indices. 2:3 refers to the fourth stream in the third input file. Also see the Stream specifiers chapter.

Only write platform-, build- and time-independent data. This ensures that file and data checksums are reproducible and match between platforms. Its primary use is for regression testing.

AIVDM/AIVDO sentences are emitted by receivers for AIS, the marine Automatic Identification System. AIS transmitters are fitted to vessels, navigation markers, and certain types of shore station. They periodically squawk their position (and course, when applicable), using TDMA (Time Division Multiple Access) technology similar to the way cellphones do to avoid mutual interference. AIS receivers make this data available for navigation, anti-collision systems, and other uses.

These are Frequently Asked Questions about HTTP/2. General Questions. Why revise HTTP? Who made HTTP/2? What’s the relationship with SPDY? Is it HTTP/ ...

One can get an approximation of the native time unit by calling erlang:convert_time_unit(1, second, native) . The result equals the number of whole native time units per second. If the number of native time units per second does not add up to a whole number, the result is rounded downwards.

The Casio BASIC pocket computers can be grouped. Within each group, the program files can be exchanged or programs can be directly transferred from one machine to the other through their tape interfaces. Not all programs can be executed on all machines within the same series, because some keywords differ. The FX-700P for example does not understand REM.