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However, you may be able to manage the files in a separate repo and then use git-submodule to pull them into your project in a sane way. So, you'd still have the full history of all your source but, as I understand it, you'd only have the one relevant revision of your images submodule. The git-submodule facility should help you keep the correct version of the code in line with the correct version of the images.

So, In general you can compute total no of Binary Search Trees using above formula. I was asked a question in Google interview related on this formula. Question was how many total no of Binary Search Trees are possible with 6 vertices. So Answer is t(6) = 132

Binary numbers are written with only two symbols - 0 and 1. For example, a = 1101. Since symbols 0 and 1 are also a part of the decimal system and in fact of a positional system with any base, there's an ambiguity as to what 1101 actually stands for. To avoid confusion, the base is often written explicitly, like in a = (1101) 2 or b = (1101) 10 . In the decimal system, 1101 is interpreted as 1 thousand 1 hundred 1 , which is just a sum of powers of 10 with coefficients that are the digits of the number. More accurately,

The Headmasters' heads were modified with an interior control panel where their partner could sit and manually control the movements of the Transformer, if the Transformer allows it. Binary bonded Headmasters may "feel like they are part of each other", but otherwise communicate by speaking to each other normally. The Rebirth, Part 2

All information in a computer is stored and transmitted as sequences of bits, or binary digits. A bit is a single piece of data which can be thought of as either zero or one. This activity demonstrates how sequences of these two symbols can be used to represent any number.

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I started my presentation by telling the class that I would teach them about something called binary numbers, but that first I would review the numbers they already know — decimal numbers (I took a moment to explain that this was not the same as “decimals”). The first thing we did was count the tape flags, and as we counted together I rearranged them into a line:

From Late Latin bīnārius ( “ consisting of two ” ) , from Latin bīnī ( “ two-by-two, pair ” ) .