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John Hancock Annuities are issued by John Hancock Life Insurance Company (.), Lansing, MI 48906, which is not licensed in New York. In New York, John Hancock Annuities are issued by John Hancock Life Insurance Company of New York, Valhalla, NY 10595.

Active State Employee - 2017 Benefits Summary
Retired State Employee - 2017 Benefits Summary
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RideECO is an employer offered benefit. It helps commuters pay for the cost of getting to work on public transportation. RideECO allows commuters to use pre-tax dollars to pay for their commute. And employers save money by driving down payroll taxes with every dollar a commuter deducts. The program pays for itself and everyone gains from it.

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CBA attempts to measure the positive or negative consequences of a project, which may include: [ citation needed ]

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For the past four years the Be Well SHBP Wellness program administrator has been Healthways. Healthways is now owned by Sharecare. Starting in 2018, for members enrolled in Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia and UnitedHealthcare, your health and well-being journey will have a new look and feel. You’ll receive personalized health recommendations and activities based on your unique health behaviors and interest in various topics that are important to you.

“Method has always had investors who respected its mission, and the new corporate form won’t mean the company has to change the way it operates. "
- Method founder Adam Lowry