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Data Recovery from Google Store is an app that deals with the complete diagnostics of your mobile phone. It checks the data status, locates the contacts, textual and multimedia files, makes a bit-by-bit copy of the data, and restores the lost data onto the phone. It is an anytime anywhere app that responds instantly to a data recovery request from the mobile user. Data can be recovered from the SIM card as well as SD card with this app. You can download free from:

One of the benefits of a voice-to-text feature on your keypad is that you can use this everywhere. There are two ways to trigger the voice-to-text: tap the microphone icon on the top-left of the keypad or tap and hold the comma (,) to get to settings where you can select Voice Input.

If you have a problem you can try this version but it’s (Beta)
and it may not work on all devices.
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Welcome to Android Access, your portal to information on accessible Android apps and programs for the blind and visually impaired. We're excited to be a part of the Android community, and look forward to your comments, feedback, and submissions. If you're new to Android, check out our Getting Started page. Keep up to date with the latest reviews and news by following @AndroidAccess on Twitter.

As one of the changes that Android (API level 26) introduces to improve battery life, when your app enters the cached state, with no active components , the system releases any wakelocks that the app holds.

The Android Emulator simulates various Android phone, tablet, Android Wear, and Android TV devices on your computer. It comes with predefined ...

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Visually impaired people can also benefit from a miraculous application called ScanLife Barcode and QR Reader integrated in this technology. The user only needs to click a picture and the application does the rest of the magic. The app can read QR and UPC codes. After the codes are scanned, the application starts reading the embedded string as QR codes.

Rubin had difficulty attracting investors early on, and Android was facing eviction from its office space. Steve Perlman , a close friend of Rubin, brought him $10,000 in cash in an envelope, and shortly thereafter wired an undisclosed amount as seed funding. Perlman refused a stake in the company, and has stated "I did it because I believed in the thing, and I wanted to help Andy." [17] [18]

Each AVD functions as an independent device, with its own private storage for user data, SD card, and so on. By default, the emulator stores the user data, SD card data, and cache in directory specific to that AVD. When you launch the emulator, it loads the user data and SD card data from the AVD directory.