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As for the correction, economist and Bloomberg View columnist  Mohamed El-Erian noted in an op-ed Tuesday it indicates a critical junction for the coin.

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Christopher Harris’ dream on December 21 regarding the third wave was also helpful in identifying the pattern. Regarding the timing of the crash of the third wave, the best clue I’ve heard so far is CPJ’s dream on December 26 when she saw the lowest point between two mountains at $1995 as the Predictor. Jim Reeve interpreted that as Bitcoin crashing to $1995 and that sounds right to me. Bitcoin is currently at $15,020, so that would be a huge 87% drop, which would likely drag down many other crypto currencies with it, including to some extent ETN. So, I think that’s when we’ll see ETN dropping into the 3 to 5 cent range.

Binance does not restrict any provider (not even popular temporary email services), making it extremely easy to register anonymously. There is an option to upgrade, but a basic, unverified account will be enough for casual users.