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Hey followers,

If you’re not yet aware, Fashion + Geekery is now!

After getting over my very real initial fear of the move (WordPress has been good to me, and I know so many people on it), I’m really embracing this new and necessary change.

The new, more professional site will also serve as a portfolio, so that while blogging about  other people’s work, I can highlight my own.

I do hope you’ll continue to follow me on this new leg of my journey. Rest assured, I’ve got some exciting things in the works. Read more about the change over on the new site and let me know what you think!



High Fashion BvS (And Civil War?)

The Valentino Super H and Star-Studded Collections are now in stores. Suddenly our tax returns don’t look that impressive.

I previously blogged about The Star Studded capsule collection, a Wonder Woman inspired collab with Spider Gwen Paltrow’s obscenely indulgent Goop Market pop-up. Well, everyone is now welcome to shop the full line, which includes a few extra pieces like a studded ballet flat, a signature of the label, and THIS STAR PRINTED DRESS WITH STUDDED LEATHER COLLAR OMG!!!

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We Can be (Valentino) HEROes

A few weeks ago, you learned about the superhero splendor that is the Valentino X Goop “Wonder Woman” collection. A capsule that was only a small part of a larger collection set to be released in April. Well, here now  is yet another glimpse of how Valentino plans to superpower your wardrobe. Continue reading

Valentino X Goop: Wonder Woman

“The Modern Woman is a Wonder Woman.”

-Gwyneth Paltrow

My eyes widened as I approached the shop–catching site of the name Goop Mrkt first. My pace quickened, then slowed almost as quickly, my eagerness threatening to burn through the thin veil of hubris I intended to hide the truth of my bank account behind. Then, I veered right through glass doors that had only just opened 38 minutes prior. With the seeming ease of Wondy hopping into an invisible jet.

And there it was, in all its handcrafted, star-studded glory….
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Marc by Marc Jacobs X Disney: I AM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS

Event Invite

Event Invite

In a dream-collaboration-come-true, Marc Jacobs draws inspiration from Disney’s adaptation of the Lewis Carroll classic. The collection does more than pull from gorgeous animation cells. It sends an empowering message to the Marc Jacobs consumer, AKA, the modern-day she-rebel. At first glance, it may not make sense for the “edgy” girl of today to resonate with the prim and proper protagonist of the 50s film. But if we look beyond aesthetics, we are all Alice. Therefore, “I AM NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS” is arguaby for everyone. We’ve all been curious. We’ve all been tempted, scared, rebellious, and met many an interesting character. (Nowhere does that ring truer for me than here in NYC, home of MJMB HQ. I just threw a lot of acronyms your way. My bad )….

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#ArtinMotion: Selly’s UK Trip


Just before I left for my trip, I packed some choice accessories. It seems I’m not the greatest at packing light (I am so, so sorry to all my hosts while abroad, for my stupidly heavy suitcase.) But the pieces with the biggest impact to my overall look each day, were actually the lightest. That’s all thanks to the fine people at Redbubble and their gorgeous Art in Motion campaign: a new womens street style line, showcasing the work of some truly brilliant independent artists.

When I look back at one of my earliest blog posts featuring Redbubble, I feel that both this blog and the company have evolved by leaps and bounds, this latest collection being a perfect example of that.

Redbubble reached out to me about showcasing some pieces from their new collection. I saw my epic trip as the perfect opportunity to do just that. I wouldn’t blog about something I didn’t love, and it was love at first sight when I saw these pieces. The “Wings” butterfly pouch by Cassia and “Peacocks” scarf by Andrea Lauren–in addition to being stunning— really resonated with me emotionally.

Visiting Pan, the spirit of the woods at Sheffield Botanical Gardens

Visiting Pan, the spirit of the woods at Sheffield Botanical Gardens

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Kevin Wada Pays Homage to World McQueen

Wada’s illustration showcases reference after glorious reference

Recently, a fan at ECCC over the weekend commissioned the artist for this piece of Psylocke in McQueen, and ended up getting something even better: a referential Kevin Wada original. A Wada x McQueen collab, you could call it.

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Designer Glass Slippers for Every Cinderella

Why have one pair of glass slippers (they are so fragile, after all) when you can have 9?

“Cinderella is not only an iconic character when it comes to beauty, grace and fairytale love, but also shoes,”

– Christian Louboutin.

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Marc Jacobs

I got to pre shop the fabulously geeky MBMJ Resort 2015 collection

Upon exiting the elevator onto the party floor last November, I felt as though I had all but left SoHo behind and had stepped onto the deck of Starship Marc. My name was checked off a list, my coat was taken, and I was promptly handed a can of champagne (you gotta ration that stuff in space, you know?). I’d traded in the chilly Manhattan air for a warm welcome into a chic gathering orbiting in the thermosphere  above our little city.

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Introducing SlashCode: The Brand That Geekdom Needs

On my never-ending quest to find examples of designers bridging the gap between the geek and the chic, imagine my delight when the mountain came to Muhammad. That mountain is SlashCode a new premium brand after my own heart.


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