About This Blog


It serves to prove that the fashion world is full of geeks and people inspired by them and their subcultural interests-be it tech, sci-fi, comics, Steampunk, anime, etc… Designers teach us that what we often consider to be the most geeky — a term that hasn’t always been viewed in the most flattering light — can too serve as a driving force behind a bevy of beautiful, wondrous things, that are seen by the general (read: fashionable) population as commercially viable, praiseworthy, and sought after.

Leave it to the fashion industry to elevate geek culture to haute heights.

Geeks are no longer the underdogs, or the outcasts. We need not be afraid of fashion because, as this blog will prove, we are clearly the ones creating it.

Here’s to bridging the gap between geek and chic.

What do ya think?

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