About Me

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My name is Yissel and I’m bridging the gap between the ultra geek
and tres tres chic.
Having earned a BFA in Women’s Sportswear from FIT,
Interned for leading American designer Michael Kors,
Studied knitwear abroad at the Politecnico di Milano,
been mentored by Carolina Herrera….
I’ve been starved for sites showcasing more than just the geeky mash-up t-shirt.  At the same time, my experiences with my geeky friends have led me to challenge myself. How? I like luxury, high-end clothing (that my broke ass will some day own).  Can I take the intimidation out of those words, by showing my friends that designers are geeks too? Can people be taught to take and interpret inspiration when they see how the pros do it?
And lastly, what can people buy to show off their geek pride that isn’t just another tee?
This blog needed to exist, and so, it does.
I am THE Designer geek. I’m New York Comic Con meets New York Fashion Week, and this blog is for the fashion forward fangirl who’s set her sights on a TARDIS blue PRADA bag.

3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I really love your approach for this blog! So unique…so cool how you were able to combine your two favorite interests! Keep posting. I subscribed 🙂

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