High Fashion BvS (And Civil War?)

The Valentino Super H and Star-Studded Collections are now in stores. Suddenly our tax returns don’t look that impressive.

I previously blogged about The Star Studded capsule collection, a Wonder Woman inspired collab with Spider Gwen Paltrow’s obscenely indulgent Goop Market pop-up. Well, everyone is now welcome to shop the full line, which includes a few extra pieces like a studded ballet flat, a signature of the label, and THIS STAR PRINTED DRESS WITH STUDDED LEATHER COLLAR OMG!!!


Having a solo focus on Wondy is even more genius in the wake of BvS’ release . With feelings ranging from mixed to WTActualF, the consensus seems to be that the best part of that film, was the 7-ish minutes the Amazon was on the screen.  Good thing we’ve got a (hopefully amazing) full length Wonder Woman feature to look forward to.

That being said, the designers pay homage to the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel, respectively with their Spring/Summer Super H collection, featuring gowns, leather jackets, and sweaters. There’s a special Valentino twist to the tribute, in that they don’t copy direct logos. The bat symbol is now a butterfly. The “S,” an “H” for “Hero”.



My favorite unexpected part of this collection is the special guest appearance by Spider-man. Much like his debut at the end of the most recent Civil War* trailer, these Spidey pieces are the highlight.



Spider-Skirt, Spider-Skirt, Really Attractive Spider-Skirt…

If you want to invest in some simpler (read: much less expensive) pieces, you can help yourself to the t-shirts and sneakers available on the label’s website. Otherwise, head over to Bergdorf’s or your nearest Valentino boutique and make it rain.

I’ll just be here attempting to manifest superpowers, like the ability to make money grow on tress, or make gowns appear in my closet.


*It just occurred to me that those WW pieces could double as Captain America pieces!


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