Kevin Wada Pays Homage to World McQueen

Wada’s illustration showcases reference after glorious reference

Recently, a fan at ECCC over the weekend commissioned the artist for this piece of Psylocke in McQueen, and ended up getting something even better: a referential Kevin Wada original. A Wada x McQueen collab, you could call it.

Kevin Wada's McQueen

Kevin Wada’s McQueen

Initially, I saw this piece and went through every synonym for gorgeous and amazing in my head while my heart did cartwheels. In the midst of my feels-a-thon, I tried to remember the dress and I couldn’t. Not from a video or live stream of a show, or an illustration class at FIT, or my memories of a misty-eyed walk through McQueen’s retrospective at the Met.

There were details to this dress that made me think of one collection (“oh wow, she’s wearing..”), then another (“oh but that makes me think it’s from…”), then another (“… it can’t be pre fall, right?”). Must be that Kevin Wada had skillfully woven together details spanning several seasons in an homage to the late designer and his predecessor Sarah Burton. As if to make up for all the years Psylocke had gone without wearing McQueen (or much else, really) he put her in several dresses at once. And I knew just where to look, so I did.

Kevin Wada was kind enough to confirm my suspicions, so with that I can confidently share my breakdown. If you think that dress is all manner of stunning, have a look at the showstoppers that inspired it:

Fall 2010, the last collection McQueen himself worked on.

Fall 2010, the last collection McQueen himself worked on.

Spring 2012

Spring 2012

Resort 2012

Resort 2012

Also possible / too incredible not to share:

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