Snow White in Brooklyn

I found some time in between the show and the event of my previous post to visit my favorite Brookyln shop, SlapBack (it was a full day). It’s a pin up, rockabilly, retro girlie’s dream in there and the shop owner Renee is just fabulous.

As it turns out the latest among her beautiful frocks is the Steph Buscema Snow White print dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. Let’s cut to the chase. The fit is perfect . And fit is king (queen? Princess?) in my world.  The colors are bright and fun. We’re talkin’ super saturated here. At first I didn’t think it was a “me” dress, as I honestly tend to prefer more subtle/simpler displays of my geek love. That being said, I was turned on by the fact that Buscema’s print is based off of the original story. The print smartly depicts comb and corset motifs, as the apple of Disney’s version was but one of three attempts on Snow’s life. This is smart designing, people.

Furthermore, I have a great appreciation for people who can design prints. 8+ years of design school and I still struggle with conceptualizing a repeating pattern. Unless it’s a stripe or plaid. I can design gorgeous plaids for days, but things like florals and novelty prints such as this… does not compute.


Print Detail


The dress is also impeccably made –ahem, IN AMERICA, thank you!– with a fully lined bodice. By the way, do you know where all the clothes hanging in your closet were made? This will be the subject of a future post, but let’s go ahead and get thinking about that now, if you never have. Anyhow…. (<—– tangent, I go off on those.)

PinUp_Girl_clothing_Made _in_USA

Bodice interior

Once upon a time I tried this dress on. Then, I didn’t want to take it off.  At around $142, it’s a worthwhile investment. You’re supporting a brilliant artist, and exceptional American construction. You need only a petticoat and a smile to rock this fairytale fantasy frock. Come on down to the King’s County (That’s BK y’all) and get your hands on it.



490 Metropolitan Ave. 

Brooklyn, NY 11211

If you’re not in NYC, check out

The brilliant and adorable artist: Stephanie Buscema




Petticoats are your friend! 


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