McQ Alexander McQueen X Manga

Forward to Fall

Fall is just around the corner, you guys. We’ve yet to hit a 100 degree day in NYC, but while we’re out and about getting a golden glow, the fall collections are starting to arrive in stores.  Here’s the first of a few favorites in this mini series to get you excited for the approaching season. 


Not since Paradise Kiss have I witnessed a fusion of luxury fashion and manga that sent my heart soaring, and indulged my every fashion obsessed geek girl’s dream. The only other book to ever do that was Sina Grace’s Not My Bag. Which was in fact largely a comic book ode  to Alexander McQueen (so obviously a favorite of mine) and, note to self: It’s high time I review that for you here!  In the meantime… Continue reading

Snow White in Brooklyn

I found some time in between the show and the event of my previous post to visit my favorite Brookyln shop, SlapBack (it was a full day). It’s a pin up, rockabilly, retro girlie’s dream in there and the shop owner Renee is just fabulous.

As it turns out the latest among her beautiful frocks is the Steph Buscema Snow White print dress from Pin Up Girl Clothing. Let’s cut to the chase. The fit is perfect . And fit is king (queen? Princess?) in my world.  The colors are bright and fun. We’re talkin’ super saturated here. At first I didn’t think it was a “me” dress, as I honestly tend to prefer more subtle/simpler displays of my geek love. That being said, I was turned on by the fact that Buscema’s print is based off of the original story. The print smartly depicts comb and corset motifs, as the apple of Disney’s version was but one of three attempts on Snow’s life. This is smart designing, people.

Furthermore, I have a great appreciation for people who can design prints. 8+ years of design school and I still struggle with conceptualizing a repeating pattern. Unless it’s a stripe or plaid. I can design gorgeous plaids for days, but things like florals and novelty prints such as this… does not compute.


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A Day of Food and Fashion

An Epic Photo Diary of My Epic Monday


Hey all! Miss me? I was starting to seriously feel the bloggers guilt recently as I knew I owed you guys a post. Apologies for making you wait. I was thinking about what was keeping me so busy and realized that I’ve been juggling 5 jobs. Yes, I count this blog as one and today, I’m going to take you behind the scenes of another. One of my gigs is as the social media manager for Kiwiana. A popular Park Slope eatery run by former Top Chef contestant Mark Simmons. (Note: I’m currently sitting in the restaurant as I type this, because… other job.) Hailing from New Zealand, the chef likes to remix popular American comfort food dishes with an upscale twist and kiwi flare. Needless to say, the food is incredible and I’ve been incredibly fortunate to have been a part of the growth of this establishment, and the many opportunities it’s led to. Case in point: Monday.



On the set of Good Day New York at the Fox 5 Studios. (Left to Right: Chef Katie Fauchs of The Thirsty Koala, hosts Greg and Rosanna, Chef Mark Simmons, me and Sous chef –and fellow fashion blogger–Sosthene)

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