The Blonds: Haute Halloween Inspo

The Blonds show has been hands down one of the premier highlights of New York Fashion Week, and this season was no exception. In an age where many in the industry take fashion way to seriously,  The Blonds deliver the perfect remedy of sparkle and humor. Case in point, their latest spectacle:  What better way to wake up exhausted attendees and lift their spirits, then by having designer Phillipe Blond open the show, stripping out of a sparkly spacesuit to reveal himself in fierce expert drag? …Exactly. (you know you want to read that sentence again.)


Designer Phillipe Blond opens the show

Inspired by their 5 favorite blonds: Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Madonna, Jane Fonda (as Barbarella), and the “Original Blond,” Tweety Bird (yes, you heard right.) The designers demonstrated how you could have a lot of fun reinterpreting inspiration into expertly crafted, charming, yet stunningly beautiful pieces.

The collection also serves as a prime example of an idea that has become almost synonymous with geek culture: the mashup.  Ever present to the point of being shoved in your face on a daily basis wherever one might purchase a geeky tee, (almost everyone I know including myself owns one.) the designers take this idea to a whole other level, as only the most brilliant forward thinking craftsmen can.

It’s apparent that the Barbarella influence runs heaviest throughout the collection. So the result is sexy space blonds. (I. E. if Marie Antoinette was another planet… and was performing “VOGUE”, she’d wear this…) There is concept. There is real design–including intricate glass detailing. There is a thoughtfulness that goes far beyond the mass-marketing idea of “put a TARDIS on it….”

By far my favorite thing about this collection is, though they only cited those 5 specific blonds as influences, I couldn’t help but notice–what with the whimsy and sci-fi of it all– the manifestation of a couple of others on the runway (I reveal them below).  Honestly, not only are they way too famous (read : ICONIC) for their appearances to have been unintentional, but they, along with the rest of the collection provide some epic costume inspiration from real world Ready-to-wear pieces.

Take a cue from the designers of this crazy fun over the top entertaining experience. Look at the research material below.  Experiment. Create something inspired. Have fun. You don’t have to be blond to know how to.


I wouldn’t mess with these ladies.

The-Blonds-RS14-1955 The-Blonds-RS14-1935  The-Blonds-RS14-1917 The-Blonds-RS14-1712




Favorite blond: TINKERBELL!


I think the designers were going for…..


…THIS sexy Barbarella pic. But after Tweety all I saw was….


…This. Hello Pepe!


Can you guess the blond? Hint: don’t think hair, think gold metal.


Yup, you guessed it. C3PO!!

=2052649a.jpg.size-580_maxheight-580_square-true C-3PO_EP4-KEY-117_R_8x10


Oh C3P0 corset, how I covet thee!


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