Ms Michonne In Style

The time is upon us! New York Comic Con here we come!

And while everyone else will be showing up to  NYCC with arms full of…well, comics; I will be breaking tradition –and being me– by showing up with… a fashion mag.

Yup, that’s right. “Why,” you ask? Why will I be showing up to a comic convention clutching the October issue of InStyle?

Two words: Danai Gurira a.k.a The Walking Dead‘s resident zombie slaying bad-ass: Michonne


This Valentino wool cape is a strong departure from her character’s.

I’ve never been much of an autograph person. Especially since more and more celebs are keepin’ it classy (not) and charging for them. However, much like classic headshots, the simplicity, and elegance of these images, along with expressions of sheer joy, beg her signature scrawled across them. Possibly with “XOXO”. Maybe even a red imprint of a kiss, as if receiving the work of a young starlet of old Hollywood, of whose fan club I was president.

See what I mean?

Absolutely stunning and chic on an almost profound level (I was left stunned, speechless and needing her autograph for goodness sake), I want to fill a wall with a framed set. This is Michonne like we’ve never seen her.  Sure, we’re used to seeing her in jeans, a wig and brandishing a katana. But make no mistake people, in designer duds, she’s a whole other level of bad-ass cool.


Burberry London Wool-cotton cropped jacket.
Jil Sander silk-polyester dress.
Christian Louboutin calfskin ankle boots.

Alexander Wang Polyester-cotton twill top.


Salvatore Ferragamo mohair turtleneck.
Michael Kors wool-blend pants.


Emporio Armani velvet neoprene gown.


Giambattista Valli wool coat worn over silk and mink coat.


Calvin Klein Collection wool belted blazer, silk satin pants, and calf-hair pumps.


The Row merino wool jumpsuit and cotton-blend skirt.
Prada leather ankle boots.


3 thoughts on “Ms Michonne In Style

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  2. Speaking of class and autographs, did you notice that Taylor Swift did not autograph her centerfold in the November 2013 InStyle magazine…other celebs autograph theirs. Just sayin’. ; )

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