ENDitorial: VOGUE and Nostalgia for Classic Superman

Once upon a time before this latest abomination of a film, Superman was…. Superman. He wasn’t big on the obscenely monumental destruction of public property,

superman-manofsteel-149  superman-manofsteel-148superman-manofsteel-106

he actually wore red shorts,

1383821_10100125025624795_1072534824_n 1391500_10100125025450145_77366042_n 1382876_10100125025405235_499247263_n

and oh yeah… Spoiler alert: HE WASN’T KILLING PEOPLE.

Before the New 52, he was even happily married to Lois Lane.


For this month’s enditorial, we’re taking a nostalgic look back at the All- American Superfamily as depicted by Vogue. Shot by Mario Testino, top male model David Gandy portrays the Man of Steel in this fashion spread, not tearing towns apart, but simply being the all American boyscout we all love on a family outing. While supermodel (naturally) Carolyn Murphy paints Lois Lane as a super mom to her super darling. The women share the spotlight with supes sporting chic, retro feminine, near identical looks.

Luxurious and lady-like,  heart-melting and super sweet.

Sci-fi/Fantasy Styling + Marvelous Manis Pt 1.

Loved that Blonds review? Well, there’s even more to report on, because the details are outrageous!

Styling is a major part of presenting a collection, and the teams at The Blonds went all out. 9736353122_fc1710777b_z

Bright, toon-like eyes with doll lashes make Tweety bird ever-present, and are topped with Spock inspired eyebrows, thanks to lead makeup artist Kabuki for MAC Cosmetics. Nick Irwin of TIGI created the space-age statement-making and Tinkerbell reminiscent hair styles. And rounding out the look were these genius silver headbands with attached Vulcan-like ears.

I do hope they make these Vulcan ear headbands available for sale because, I would rock them in a heartbeat!

But the styling doesn’t stop there. A major ongoing trend on runways has become designer nails. If you’re not familiar with the genius that is CND (Creative Nail Design) be ready to be WOWed!

Inspired by animation and featuring toon eyes, scales, jewels, circuitry (..?!?!?!), CND rolled out 36 individual custom manicures! These miniature works of art need to be seen to be believed, so check out the gallery and let me know what you think! Which look would you rock?

(Photos by Jennifer Graylock/Getty Images for CND)

Want to see some behind-the-scenes action? Head over to CND’s site and check out this revealing backstage editorial video.

Look out for pt 2 of this post featuring a slew of geek chic nail art coming your way!

The Blonds: Haute Halloween Inspo

The Blonds show has been hands down one of the premier highlights of New York Fashion Week, and this season was no exception. In an age where many in the industry take fashion way to seriously,  The Blonds deliver the perfect remedy of sparkle and humor. Case in point, their latest spectacle:  What better way to wake up exhausted attendees and lift their spirits, then by having designer Phillipe Blond open the show, stripping out of a sparkly spacesuit to reveal himself in fierce expert drag? …Exactly. (you know you want to read that sentence again.)


Designer Phillipe Blond opens the show

Inspired by their 5 favorite blonds: Marilyn Monroe, Marie Antoinette, Madonna, Jane Fonda (as Barbarella), and the “Original Blond,” Tweety Bird (yes, you heard right.) The designers demonstrated how you could have a lot of fun reinterpreting inspiration into expertly crafted, charming, yet stunningly beautiful pieces.

The collection also serves as a prime example of an idea that has become almost synonymous with geek culture: the mashup.  Ever present to the point of being shoved in your face on a daily basis wherever one might purchase a geeky tee, (almost everyone I know including myself owns one.) the designers take this idea to a whole other level, as only the most brilliant forward thinking craftsmen can.

It’s apparent that the Barbarella influence runs heaviest throughout the collection. So the result is sexy space blonds. (I. E. if Marie Antoinette was another planet… and was performing “VOGUE”, she’d wear this…) There is concept. There is real design–including intricate glass detailing. There is a thoughtfulness that goes far beyond the mass-marketing idea of “put a TARDIS on it….”

By far my favorite thing about this collection is, though they only cited those 5 specific blonds as influences, I couldn’t help but notice–what with the whimsy and sci-fi of it all– the manifestation of a couple of others on the runway (I reveal them below).  Honestly, not only are they way too famous (read : ICONIC) for their appearances to have been unintentional, but they, along with the rest of the collection provide some epic costume inspiration from real world Ready-to-wear pieces.

Take a cue from the designers of this crazy fun over the top entertaining experience. Look at the research material below.  Experiment. Create something inspired. Have fun. You don’t have to be blond to know how to.


I wouldn’t mess with these ladies.

The-Blonds-RS14-1955 The-Blonds-RS14-1935  The-Blonds-RS14-1917 The-Blonds-RS14-1712




Favorite blond: TINKERBELL!


I think the designers were going for…..


…THIS sexy Barbarella pic. But after Tweety all I saw was….


…This. Hello Pepe!


Can you guess the blond? Hint: don’t think hair, think gold metal.


Yup, you guessed it. C3PO!!

=2052649a.jpg.size-580_maxheight-580_square-true C-3PO_EP4-KEY-117_R_8x10


Oh C3P0 corset, how I covet thee!

Ms Michonne In Style

The time is upon us! New York Comic Con here we come!

And while everyone else will be showing up to  NYCC with arms full of…well, comics; I will be breaking tradition –and being me– by showing up with… a fashion mag.

Yup, that’s right. “Why,” you ask? Why will I be showing up to a comic convention clutching the October issue of InStyle?

Two words: Danai Gurira a.k.a The Walking Dead‘s resident zombie slaying bad-ass: Michonne


This Valentino wool cape is a strong departure from her character’s.

I’ve never been much of an autograph person. Especially since more and more celebs are keepin’ it classy (not) and charging for them. However, much like classic headshots, the simplicity, and elegance of these images, along with expressions of sheer joy, beg her signature scrawled across them. Possibly with “XOXO”. Maybe even a red imprint of a kiss, as if receiving the work of a young starlet of old Hollywood, of whose fan club I was president.

See what I mean?

Absolutely stunning and chic on an almost profound level (I was left stunned, speechless and needing her autograph for goodness sake), I want to fill a wall with a framed set. This is Michonne like we’ve never seen her.  Sure, we’re used to seeing her in jeans, a wig and brandishing a katana. But make no mistake people, in designer duds, she’s a whole other level of bad-ass cool.


Burberry London Wool-cotton cropped jacket.
Jil Sander silk-polyester dress.
Christian Louboutin calfskin ankle boots.

Alexander Wang Polyester-cotton twill top.


Salvatore Ferragamo mohair turtleneck.
Michael Kors wool-blend pants.


Emporio Armani velvet neoprene gown.


Giambattista Valli wool coat worn over silk and mink coat.


Calvin Klein Collection wool belted blazer, silk satin pants, and calf-hair pumps.


The Row merino wool jumpsuit and cotton-blend skirt.
Prada leather ankle boots.