Not So Dark Crystal: Girls Have Wings

Not So Dark Crystal: Girls Have Wings

A Geek Chic Shopping Guide by HP

We interrupt this regular blog to bring you, “Geek Chic with HP.” I’m a diehard Mac girl, myself, but the pieces HP put together for this set are just soooo meeee (read: I may have to reblog myself, and I just don’t care). Plenty of designer and affordable must-haves = must-post! Here you are, fellow chic geeks, hope you love these pieces as much as I do!

Chanel + Dark Crystal

A few short weeks ago, we were partaking in a series of fundraising events to send Scarlet Sinclair—an amazing tattoo artist, and, dare-I-say, legend in the burlesque community—off to France, to study under renowned faerie artist (speaking of legends), Brian Froud. One of the events, was a screening of Froud’s faery film collaborations with Jim Henson. The cult classics: Labyrinth and the Dark Crystal. (I now know exactly what you’re thinking, because you’re thinking of Bowie. You’re welcome.) Meanwhile, back in France, just a few days before the screening, Karl Lagerfeld debuted Chanel’s A/W 2013 collection during Paris Fashion Week, and holy crap, my mouth fell open at the sight of this fashion nerdgasmic coincidence: A Dark Crystal inspired collection?!

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Take a look at this series of Game of Thrones inspired tees, via Redbubble!

The first few are obvious fandom, the next group, much more, “is my geek showing?” subtle, and the last set combines fandoms for tees that are quite possibly too geeky for their own good!

(BTW: What makes redbubble so awesome, is that it’s a hugely supportive community for the creative. Check out all the GoT shirts you’ve just seen and more on their site:

Whichever you choose, pair it simply with a loose pant, or flowing skirt and your favorite wedge.

Check out the guide below for inspiration.

Geek up your Chic: Game of Thrones
by StephanieIrigoyen
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In honor of the Twitter trending, get glue crashing, ALL CAPS LOCK REACTION EVOKING (!!!!) George R.R. Martin fan back-breaking (have you tried lugging one of those massive books around? Curse you kindlers!) fantasy phenomenon known as Game of Thrones…  I’m dedicating my inaugural post to the premier of HBO’s latest episodic giant.

While Helmut Lang himself may not have tuned in to last night’s premiere from the comfort of his Long Island home (having left his namesake label in 2005), It’s apparent that the brand’s creative directors, Michael and Nicole Colovos, were popping the popcorn, and probably the champagne too. 

This photo set features side-by-side comparisons of a small selection from the Helmut Lang fall/winter 2012/13 collection and their Westeros inspirations, the last three pieces with their, er, Westerian counterparts beneath them.

It serves to prove that the fashion world is full of geeks and people inspired by them and their subcultural interests-be it tech, sci-fi, comics, Steampunk, anime, etc… Designers teach us that what we often consider to be the most nerdy — a term that hasn’t always been viewed in the most flattering light — can, too, serve as a driving force behind a bevy of beautiful, wondrous things, that are seen by the general (read: fashionable) population as commercially viable, praiseworthy, and sought after.

Case in point, Helmut Lang’s latest fangirl swoon-worthy collection. “Dressed in the rags of savages,” they ain’t. Michael and Nicole Covolos have fashioned a wardrobe fit for a Khaleesi.

Leave it to the fashion industry to elevate geek culture to haute heights.